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1. Teller. The bank teller will help you to make deposits and withdrawals. 2. Customer. The person who takes their money to the bank is the customer. You are a customer if you have a bank account. The customer uses the bank’s services. Bank services include savings account, checking account, and car loans. 3. Deposit. Put money into a savings or checking account. 4. Deposit slip. A paper that tells the bank where to put your money. 5. Vault. A place to keep valuables like your will and jewelry. 6. Safety deposit box. A safe place you rent to keep things safe. 7. Account manager. Someone who helps you with banking questions and banking services. 8. Passbook. A little book that you use to write down and record the money you deposit, withdraw, and use to pay bills. 9. Savings account number. Every account has a number. 10. 11. 12. Debit/ATM card. This is your money. You are using a card instead of a paper check. 13. Bank statement. A document from the bank listing all your deposits and withdrawals. 14. Balance. The total money in your account that you can use. 15. Bank online. Using the internet and a computer to do banking. 16. PIN number: Personal Identification Number. A special number you use to protect your money.

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Vocabulary Cloze: Banking terms

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