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Cloze Test Worksheet

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I offered to help and you accepted my offer. They could have afforded better cars. He argued with his wife yesterday, now he is sad. The kid annoyed everyone in the party. She admired him for his awards. The crown amused the children. I appreciated everything you have done for me. The doctor allowed me to drink one soda. They admitted that they had committed the crime. Everyone applauded at the concert. You advised me it was not safe and I did not listen. The students agreed with the teacher about going on vacation. They announced their engagement last weekend. Your parents approved your plan of going to college. The authorities alerted everyone about the hurricane. The students analyzed the teacher questions. We accepted your money. His husband apologized to her. Everyone answered the questions correct. I added salt to the cake. Upps!!!

accepted afforded argued annoyed admired amused appreciated allowed admitted applauded advised agreed announced approved alerted analyzed accepted apologized answered added

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7 December 2018

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