Using Past Time Verbs

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Please put the PAST TIME form of the verb in to complete the sentence from the word box. Remember - When you want to add "ED" to a word that ends in a consonant followed by a "Y," change the "Y" to an "I" and add "ED" to the end of the word. (spy = spied) When we want to add "ED" to a word with one vowel followed by one consonant, we must double the final consonant before adding "ED" (drum=drummed)

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This morning, I jump over the puddle. Dinosaurs live on Earth many years ago. The water drip down from the shower head. The baby cry when he fell down. The bunny hop down the hill. Mom carry the groceries in from the car. After the show, he clap his hands loudly. He listen to the teacher talk to him. He play soccer that afternoon. The dog wag her tail because she was happy. He yell loudly so his dad could hear him. The butterfly land on top of the flower. She hug her son tightly with her arms because she loved him so much! We dump the pile of sand into the pit to build our castle. Instead of singing, he hum a Katy Perry song. We walk to Lincoln Road. The light change from red to green. She hurry to the car to make it to school on time. She yawn with her mouth open wide because she was so tired. He dance at his ballet class.

jump live drip cry hop carry clap listen play wag yell land hug dump hum walk change hurry yawn dance

Write sentence using a past time verb.

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17 November 2014

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1st Grade Past Tense Verbs Clozie - Including 'y' to 'i' and doubling consonant

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