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During the Renaissance, things sure changed for people. First of all, humanism made its debut in Europe. It celebrated the ideas of individualism and human creativity. The best complement you could give a person was to tell him he was a Renaissance Man. That meant that you were a well educated, well rounded individual. When Johann Guttenberg invented his new printing press, education became much easier to achieve. As commerce grew in Italy, society changed. A new social class, called the merchant class, developed. More importance was placed on the ideas of beauty and luxury. Wealthy individuals and families became patrons of the arts. They wanted to glorify their homes and their city with beautiful works of art. Artists used perspective and realism to create religious and secular art. The Renaissance was certainly a time of change!

Renaissance humanism individualism creativity Man printing press commerce merchant class patrons perspective realism religious secular

How did the Renaissance change people's lives in Europe?

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Ren voc cloze quiz

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