Was Samantha discriminated?

Cloze Test Worksheet

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Samantha finally got her meeting with hotel magnate, Richard Wright.Smart, tough, a real ball buster. I've enjoyed meeting you, but truth be told, Ms. Jones.. your résumé's all fluff. - Fluff? - It's just parties and social events. - What is it that you do in your hotels? Nuclear fission? I admit, I'm intrigued. If I wasn't, you would've been down in the lobby having a cappuccino 10 minutes ago. Here's an idea. I'm talking to Brad Rosen. Maybe you two can get together and share the work. Five hotels, it's a big job. I know it's a big job. That's why I'm still here... and not down in the lobby having a cappuccino.I appreciate your offer...but I don't need a partner. Read between the lines, Ms. Jones. I deal with a lot of businessmen. What are you saying? That businessmen would be more comfortable..dealing with a woman if she were working next to a man? You have a lot to offer. You might want to consider working with a partner who isn't so.. emotional" Emotional" is just code for, "I don't want to hire a woman." Exactly. They're that way at my firm, too.- Think you're gonna cry over a legal brief. - Have you cried over a brief? Yes, but only in the privacy of my office. I have to admit, you're the best person for the job. But I'm not gonna hire you. Give me one legitimate reason why not. - Do I have to say it? - Yes. I'd like to hear the words come out of your mouth. Okay, you slept with my architect. Turns out, Samantha was wrong, men do talk .And I don't wanna get into all that. It happened 100 years ago! I barely know the guy! And how does my personal life affect your business? The more accurate question would be:how does your personal life affect your business? It's too bed,Other than that, you had the job. If I was a guy, you would have shaken my hand..bought me a scotch and given me a key to an office.It's amazing. A man with such innovative vision can be so short-sighted. But Samantha couldn't wait. She could feel the tears building up inside her.

got tough truth events intrigued would've share appreciate deal with businessmen businessmen might emotional hire that way firm brief hire legitimate slept talk barely accurate shaken given innovative short-sighted tears building up

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26 June 2016

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