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Before we studied about the subject of environment, our teacher looked for the perfect way to teach us. She spent time surfing the Internet, and found a website that offered many activities. Suddenly, she came up with an amazing idea. When she came to class, she said, "Let's have a competition." She explained, "We will divide into ten teams. Each group will be responsible for a certain area. You will collect the garbage that other people throw away. Don't work alone. You must work together. You need to be careful with what you pick up. It could be very dangerous and you might get hurt. You have to protect yourselves and use special equipment, such as gloves. Don't be scared. If you make sure that you follow my rules, you will be safe, and nobody will be in danger. Also you will be surprised with what you could find. Adults throw away some very expensive things, like jewelry. We will have to return the expensive item to its owner." She added, "The winning team is the one which will make the highest pile of garbage." We are looking forward to going on this adventure. I am sure we will have fun and enjoy this exciting outdoor activity. This is certainly an interesting way that will make a difference and will make us smile all year round.

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27 August 2014

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