Human Trafficking

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HumanTrafficking Modern day slavery Exploitation To take advantage of people Children Young people Crime An illegal activity Labour Your work Prostitution Sex for sale Vulnerable When you are weak and at risk Global The whole world United Nations Set up in 1945 to work for peace between countries. Rights What you are entitled to have. Values What is important to you. Greed The desire for more than you need. Justice Fairness and getting what is deserved. Freedom To be free of restrictions. Dignity Self worth and respect. Hope Something better will happen. Coercion To force you to do something you do want to do Recruiters People who recruit others Deception Telling lies Money A medium of exchange Bribery Money paid to do something you shouldn't do. Corruption Dishonest and fraudulent conduct. Abuse Treating others badly Women A female Slavery The state of being a slave Prosecuted To have legal charges bought against a person or organisation Law The rules of society Authorities The recognised legal officials that enforce the law Fair trade Trade that is fair Social action Action to change society

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23 August 2017

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Human Trafficking Crossword

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