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Human Trafficking

Target Language: HumanTrafficking Modern day slavery Exploitation To take advantage of people Children Young people Crime An illegal activity Labour Your work Prostitution Sex for sale Vulnerable ...


23 August 2017

jbower Author Country Flag New Zealand

Human Trafficking Crossword

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Target Language: Yalta Conference Nuremberg Trials United Nations Cold War containment Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan NATO GI Bill of Rights Fair Deal


13 February 2015

Sallysocialstudies Author Country Flag United States of America

Holt United States History chapter 27 section 1

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World War II in Europe: Comprehension

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Target Language: When did World War II take place? 1939 - 1945 What European countries made up the Allies and the Axis powers? Allies: Britain, France, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway, Netherlands,...


21 June 2012

Quickworksheets Author Country Flag Australia

Comprehension written exercise on World War II, focusing on the European Theatre of war.

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