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1. The bookshop is filled with the comforting scent of books. JASON, a middle-aged blind man with a cane, walks in smiling. EMMA, a friendly assistant, approaches him. 2. JASON Hello. I'm looking for a special gift for my niece. She loves pictures and stories. Can you help me find a nice picture book? 3. EMMA Of course! I'll be happy to help. What age is your niece? 4. JASON She will be six next week. Something with colorful pictures and simple words would be perfect. 5. EMMA Great! We have a wonderful children's section right over here. Is there a particular theme she enjoys? 6. JASON Hmm, she's fascinated by animals and nature. Anything with that would be fantastic. 7. EMMA Perfect! We have a delightful selection of nature-themed picture books. Let me guide you to that section.

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30 November 2023

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