The Crucible Act 3 Judge Danforth's Lines 2#

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Sit you down, children. Your friend, Mary Warren, has given us a deposition. In which she swears that she never saw familiar spirits, apparitions, nor any manifest of the Devil. She claims as well that none of you have seen these things either. Now, children, this is a court of law. The law, based upon the Bible, and the Bible, writ by Almighty God, forbid the practice of witchcraft and describe death as the penalty thereof. But likewise, children, the law and Bible damn all bearers of false witness. Now then. It does not escape me that this deposition may be devised to blind us; it may well be that Mary Warren has been conquered by Satan, who sends her here to distract our sacred purpose. If so, her neck will break for it. But if she speaks true, I bid you now drop your guile and confess your pretence, for a quick confession will go easier with you. Abigail Williams, rise, Is there any truth in this? Children, a very augur bit will now be turned into your souls until your honesty is proved. Will either of you change your positions now, or do you force me to hard questioning? A poppet were discovered in Mr Proctor’s house, stabbed by a needle. Mary Warren claims that you sat beside her in the court when she made it, and that you saw her make it and witnessed how she herself stuck her needle into it for safe -keeping. What say you to that? Abigail. I bid you now search your heart and tell me this - and beware of it, child, to God every soul is precious and His vengeance is terrible on them that take life without cause. Is it possible, child, that the spirits you have seen are illusion only, some deception that may cross your mind when? Good then. And if she tell me, child. it were for harlotry, may God spread His mercy on you! Hold. Turn your back. Turn your back. Do likewise. Now let neither of you turn to face Goody Proctor. No one in this room is to speak one word or raise a gesture aye or nay. Enter! Mr. Cheever, report this testimony in all exactness. Are you ready?

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24 January 2019

jbower Author Country Flag New Zealand

This worksheet was created by John Bower. HOD Social Sciences at McAuley High School. 2009-2018 and HOD Social Sciences at Mangere College in 2019.

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