A Community Garden Letter

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First, read the questions. Then read the letter.  Answer the questions by circling the correct letter.

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Jill Kindle780 Billings St.Riverstide, MBJ9K 5G9 June 5, 2018 Dear Andrew,  Thank you for your letter asking about gardening plots in a community garden.  There are two plots available in the Greendale Community Garden at 678 Warren Drive.  The fee for the 10 x 10 plot is $45.00 per year and the 10 x 12 plot is $55.00 per year.  The water is included.  There are a couple gardening tools, but it is best to bring your own.  I suggest you talk to Dawn Clover to get a key for the shed.  You can write your name on your tools and keep them in the shed. Dawn is the coordinator and her phone number is 693-555-9009.  Please send your cheque to: Greendale Community Gardenc/o Dawn Clover789 Gibbons St.Riverstide, MB J8K 4G9 Thank you for your interest in the community garden program. We hope you have a fun time gardening this season. Please let me know if you have any more questions.    Best regards,  Jill Kindle Director of Community Gardens City of Riverstide  

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3 May 2019

paigeappleyard Author Country Flag Canada

fictional names etc

3 May 2019

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