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Read each question carefully and think about the best answer or answers.  You may refer back to the text.  Please double check your work. 

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1.  Part A:  How does Opal feel about the library on the first page? a.  disappointed b.  excited c.  unsure d.  protective Part B:  Which quote from the story best supports your answer to Part A? a. "I spent a lot of time that summer at the Herman W. Block Memorial Library." b.  "The Herman W. Block Memorial Library sounds like it would be a big fancy place, but it's not." c.  "...Miss Franny Block is in charge of them all." d.  "It all started with Winn-Dixie not liking it when I went into the library..."   2.  What point of view is the story being told from, and who is telling the story? a.  First person point of view.  Mrs. Franny Block is telling the story. b.  Third person point of view.  Mrs. Franny Block is telling the story. c.  First person point of view.  Opal is telling the story. d.  First person point of view.  Winn-Dixie is telling the story.   3.  What is the meaning of the word positive as it is used on page 23? a.  Confident with an opinion b.  Having a good attitude c.  Being sure of something, having no question d.  a number above zero    4.  Part A:  How is Miss Franny feeling after she thought she saw a bear, but it was really Winn Dixie? a.  She is terrified when she sees Winn-Dixie. b.  She is overjoyed by seeing Winn-Dixie. c.  She is accepting of the dog. d.  She is offended by the dog. Part B:  Which sentence below supports your answer to part A? a.  Miss Franny was sitting there trembling and shaking. b.  Miss Franny was humming to herself. c.  Miss Franny runs the library and does not allow dogs to come in. d.  Miss Franny does not believe that Winn-Dixie is a dog.   5.  Opal brings Winn-Dixie into the library.  What does she say to Miss Franny to show her that Winn-Dixie is a good dog who will behave inside? a.  "He has a large heart, too." b.  "But before you start telling it, can Winn-Dixie come in and listen, too?" c.  "He's a dog that goes to church." d.  "He gets lonely without me."   6.  Which two phrases below help the reader understand that Miss Franny is having a flashback when she is telling her story to Opal? a.  "Back when Florida was wild..." b.  "...I could have anything that I wanted for my birthday." c.  "...mosquitoes so big they could fly away with you." d.  "...I was just a little girl no bigger than you..." e.  "...my daddy was a very rich man."   7.  Which sentence below would best describe Miss Franny as a child? a.  Miss Franny was a smart, brave girl who was a quick thinker who loved to read. b.  Mrs. Franny was a spoiled girl who loved to read, but was mean to everyone. c.  Miss Franny was a girl that loved to read, and she was scared of dogs. d.  Miss Franny was a girl who believed she could be a librarian if she owned her own library.   8.  What does the word peculiar mean as it is used on page 26? a.  strange, odd b.  belonging to a person c.  a privilege  d.  special   9.  Why did the men in town make fun of Miss Franny about the bear and the book? a.  Most likely, the men really did see the bear reading the book in the woods, and they thought it was funny. b.  Most likely, the men are in awe of how brave Miss Franny by throwing the book at the bear. c.  It is likely that the men in the story did not quite believe Miss Franny's story, because it seems so hard to believe. d.  The men laughed because Miss Franny made of the whole story, and they believed her.     10.  Why does Opal offer to be Miss Franny's friend? a.  Opal realizes that her and Miss Franny have a lot in common.  They have both confronted a bear, and they both love to read. b.  Opal sees that Miss Franny is lonely.  Opal is lonely too, and she thinks that they could help each by becoming friends. c.  Opal sees that the men have been making fun of Miss Franny her whole life, and she wants to be her friend to stand up for her.   d.  Opal wants to be able to bring Winn-Dixie into the library anytime she wants, so she becomes friends with Miss Franny.   11.  Part A:  Which word below would best describe Amanda Wilkinson? a.  nice b.  smart c.  stuck up  d.  scared PART B:  Which quote below best supports your answer to Part A? a.  "I finished Johnny Tremanin and I enjoyed it very much." b.  "I would like something even more difficult to read now, because I am an advanced reader." c.  "She walked right up to Miss Franny's desk..." d.  "Are dogs allowed in the library?"   12.  What theme or lesson do you think the author wants you to learn from the story? a.  Some people are afraid of dogs, and people should respect that. b.  Friends come into your life when you least expect it. c.  Ignore rude people in the library. d.  Libraries are a place for stories.  

Write a short summary of the story. Your summary must be 4 to 6 sentences long. Be sure to have correct spelling and use details in your summary from the text.

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