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Directions:  Read the text  Choose the correct word in the ( ).  

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     Today (   is   are   was   ) Wednesday and tomorrow will be Thursday.    ( In   On   At   ) Thursdays we usually have computer class.  At about 11:00 AM on Thursdays we pack up our things and go down to  (  a   an   the ) computer lab. There we use a program (  name   named    naming   ) Adult Vocabulary.         We must sign in using (   a    an   the   ) first initial of our first name and then type our last name.  Our password (   is    are   was   ) our first name. (  A   An   The   ) computer lab is run by a nice man named Jimmy.  Lisa can help us with the work (   or   if   but   ) he is to help us if the computer itself is not working correctly.

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23 January 2019

Lisa12204 Author Country Flag United States of America

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