Day trip to Gawler

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Yesterday my husband and I decided to catch the train to Gawler because neither of us had been there for many years.First we went to the central railway station and waited for the train. Eventually it left the station and clickety-clacked its way out of the city and suburbs. We looked at the houses lining the railway line in the suburbs and then the buildings became more industrial. After about half an hour we found ourselves in the country side passing paddocks with sheep or crops. Occasionally there was an outer suburb such as Salisbury and Elizabeth but after an hour we were at the small township of Gawler. Although there are modern supermarkets, most of the town has kept its old world charm by not demolishing old buildings. After a few hours of walking around admiring and photographing some historic buildings, we made our way back to the train and the city.I really enjoyed this outing because I had not been there for about forty years.

Write a short story about an outing with your family

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10 January 2013

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

There are 5 worksheets in the series called Day Trip to Gawler. This work is suitable for pre-intermediate adult ESL students. The story is a short recount about a day out which is not culturally located. By that I mean that you do not need to know the location to do the work. (But it is in Adelaide in South Australia) I suggest that you begin with the word jumble where students unscramble the words, and use dictionaries to check the meanings. Put that worksheet away, and use the spelling test to check the visual of the words. Then give them the story and the Q & A sheet, so the students can read the story and answer the questions to show comprehension. Finally give them the word jumble, and while they are doing that, you will have time to mark the comprehension and give feedback. Enjoy this series of worksheets. I just love using Quickworksheets!

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