English Grammar with Lisa at the CSCC AM

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Directions: Read the text and circle the correct words in the ().

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1.  Lisa (   is    are    am  ) our teacher. 2. We have class (   in    on   at   )  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 3.  Lisa teaches (   and   an  the  ) we learn. 4.  The forecast for today (    call     calls     calling   ) for sunny weather. 5.  The Smartboard lets us see things (  in   on   at   )  the internet. 6.  We (    use   uses   using    ) pencils, loose leaf paper, red pens, and yellow highlighters in class. 7.  Our class (   is    are   were   ) in room 302B.      

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24 July 2019

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The students must read the text and choose the correct word for each sentence.

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