Fortune Cookies

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A friend will give you a gift soon! A dream you have will come true this summer. Now is the time to try something new. Royal Blue is a lucky color for you this year. You will make many changes this year. Everything happens for a reason. The next full moon brings good luck. Your smile brings happiness to everyone you meet. Your study will go well this year. You have a secret admirer. You can make your own happiness. There is a great love in your future. Your life will be an adventure. Try something new in 2016! Believe in yourself and you will go far. Your plans will go well in 2016 Your friends will bring you good luck. After the rain is the rainbow! Your favorite shoes will be lucky for you! Speak honestly and everyone will listen. Its a good time to make new friends. Someone wearing a red scarf will bring good news. Something you lost will come back soon. A nice surprise is coming soon. Spend more time in nature this year. A new friend will bring you a present. This is a good time to start something new. Something will  happen to your advantage. Blue and orange will bring you bright fortune this year. Do what you love. Sometimes being alone is better. All your troubles will pass away this year. An important person is coming into your life. Make your life beautiful by saying, Thank You! The harder you work, the luckier you get! Try something new and it will be a success. Travel is good for you this year. Your life will get more and more exciting. An old friend will come back. You will make three new friends in May. Thursdays will be your best days. Yellow will bring you new fortune. You will find something you love this year. All your hard work will not be lost. Everything will go well this year. Change your fortune with a new color this year. You will learn something from a new friend. Be positive and good things will come. Be happy and you will find the way. Enjoy every day! Make someone happy every day. Be your best self every day. A new piece of jewellery will be your lucky item.            

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3 January 2016

kathleenume Author Country Flag

For the New Year season.

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