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What is idolatry? (See Rom.1:23, 25; Gal.5:19-20)Is it forbidden? (See Ex.20:2-3; Deut.5:7)What does it involve?a) ________ down to images (Ex.20:5)b) ___________ images (Dan.3:5)c) ___________ to images (Ps.106:38)d) Worshiping other ______ (Ex.22:20; Ps.81:9)e) Worshiping ___________ (Col.2:18)f) Worship ________________ objects (Deut.4:19)g) Worship ____________ (Rev.9:20)h) Worshiping dead _________ (Ps.106:28)What happens when you worship idols?a) Forget _______ (Deut.8:19)b) ___________ God's name (Ezek.5:11)c) ___________ God (2 Kings 22:17)d) ___________ God (2 Chron.19:2-3)e) ___________ God (Deut.31:20)

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17 January 2013

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