Nature of Science

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Match the words to the definitions. Write the correct word in the box to the left of the definition.

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System          Scientific Law                  Dependent Variable         Infer Science         Controlled Experiment      Scientific Method             Model Variable        Scientific Theory              Independent Variable       Hypothesis Constant       Analysis                         Conclusion                       Experiment     Changing one factor and observing the effect on another while keeping all other factors constant.   The variables that are not changed in an experiment.   To draw a conclusion based on what you observe.   A rule that describes a pattern in nature.   A collection of structures, cycles, and processes that relate to and interact with each other.   The variable that is changed in an experiment.   A test or procedure to see if the hypothesis is confirmed or rejected.   A way of learning more about the natural world.   Variable that changes as a result of a change in the independent variable.   Factors that can be changed in an experiment.   Last step in the scientific method that explains the results.   An attempt to explain a pattern observed repeatedly in the natural world.   Any representation of an object or a tool used for understanding.   A process used to explore observations and answer questions.   A reasonable and educated possible answer based on what you know and observe.   Data collected during an experiment.

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27 May 2017

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Nature of Science Vocabulary

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