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During the holidays I went on a fabulous picnic with my friends. On the way to the picnic I bought some petrol. When we arrived at the picnic ground there were not many places to park the car. Eventually we found some green grass under a big shady tree. Peter put some meat onto the barbeque and I ate three beef sausages but Susan had one chop and two sausages. David had two chops and one sausage. Susan also had a large serve of potato salad and I had some tomato salad. David and Peter had a few beers. Susan and I had a can of coke each. After lunch we had a walk and fed some ducks. Then we watched children on some play equipment. There were two swings and a see-saw. Then we laid down and had a bit of a snooze. After our sleep we ate some fruit and cheese. We put all our rubbish in the bin. We drove fifty kilometres home because we went through the hills instead of down the freeway. Peter and I had a small snack for dinner then we slept ten hours overnight. It was a really nice day out.

Write a short story about your holidays

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10 January 2013

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

Picnic story is a past tense recount for pre-int adults. There are other worksheets that go with this. Including word jumble, comprehension, word search etc...

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