Predictions about the Future

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Write answers to the following questions using the future tense. You can use the following forms: subject + will + infinitive verb + object (I will eat pizza.) subject + am/is/are + going to + infinitive verb   Discuss them with your partner and write his / her answers too. Question Your Answer Your Partner's Answer e.g. What will you do tonight? I will watch a movie at the cinema. Tom will eat pizza with this friends. What will you do on the weekend? What will the weather be tomorrow? What job will you have in the future?     Where will you live 10 years from now?     Where will humans live 100 years from now?     What will be the most powerful country in the world 50 years from now?     In the future will we ever discover an alien race?     In 100 years from now how long will the average human live?     Will your school still be here in 20 years time? Why, or why not?       In the future will you get married? If so, who will you marry? Describe him / her.      

Choose 5 sentences from above and re-write them using the contracted form of 'will' or 'is going to'. e.g. "I'll eat pizza" or "She's going to be a lawyer".

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2 March 2015

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ESL worksheet that focuses on speaking, listening and writing practice using the future tense.

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