Present Tense Action Verbs

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Please underline all of the verbs in the sentences below.

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1. Tony sleeps under the covers when it storms. 2. Do you brush your teeth after you eat dinner? 3. My family travels often. 4. Meagan carries her own suitcases when she leaves for a trip. 5. Neal flies all over the world in his airplane. 6. My dad cooks dinner for us every evening. 7. Jane's mom frequently runs marathons. 8. My sister writes letters to missionaries in her spare time. 9. Sally sells seashells down by the seashore. 10. Alex plays his guitar very well. 11. The baby rocks back and forth in her cradle. 12. My mom sorts the trash and recycles the paper products. 13. Dad waters the grass in the mornings. 14. The postman stacks all of our packages on the porch. 15. His cousin told us of a game where you ring the doorbell and run away. 16. We always knock before we open the door. 17. Cathy bakes the best cakes! 18. Donna generously gives to those in need. 19. Pippi makes us all laugh. 20. I hope that my students enjoy our class.  

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17 April 2017

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