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Read the labels on the containers and answer the questions.

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Egg carton   1. What shop are the from? A. Tesco B. Asda C. Coop  2. Are the eggs free range? A. Yes B. No 3. Where are the eggs produced? A. Spain B. France C. The U.K  4. When is the best before date? A. 27/05/19 B. 04/ 07/19 C. 20/03/19 5. What is the display date? A. 27/ 06/19 B. 27/05/19 C. 05/02/19 6. The eggs are high in ______. A. fat B. protein C. sugar 7. Can you recycle the egg carton? A. Yes B. No 8. What class are the eggs?A. Class A B. Class B C. Class C 9. Should I keep the eggs in the fridge? A. Yes B. No  10. How many eggs were in the carton? A. 10 B. 11 C. 12   Indian Tonic Water Bottle   1. What shop is the tonic water from? A. Coop B. Tesco C. Asda 2. Does the tonic water have a lot of sugar? A. Yes B. No 3. Is the tonic water suitable for vegetarians and vegans? A. Yes B. No 4. Can I recycle the bottle? A. Yes B. No 5. What telephone number should I ring if I have a problem? A. 08000686727 B.500128681513 6. Complete the sentence: Best served __________. A. cold B. hot C. chilled 7. How many days do I have to drink the tonic water? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3   Milk 1. Which country does the milk come from? A. Wales B. Scotland C. Ireland 2. How many pints are in the milk? A. 1 B. 2 C. 4 3. The milk is ___ ______. A. Semi-skimmed milk B. Whole Milk C. Half milk 4. The name of the dairy farmer is _______. A. Dave B. Pete C. Mary 5. When is the use by date? A. 30th of June B. 30th of May C. 30th of December   Apple and blackcurrant squash 1. Is there any added sugar in the squash? A. Yes B. No 2. Are there and sweeteners in the squash? A. Yes B. No 3. How many servings are in the squash? A. 30 B. 20 C. 10 4. Can I recycle the bottle? A. Yes B. No 5. What flavour is the squash? A. Apple B. Orange C. Apple and blackcurrant    Lemon Juice 1. What shop is the lemon juice from? A. Asda B. Tesco C. Coop 2. How many ml are in one bottle? A. 200ml B. 250ml C. 300ml 3. Can I recycle the bottle? A. Yes B. No 4. What colour is the bottle? A. red B. green and yellow C. blue  5. Should I keep the lemon juice in the fridge? A. Yes B. No   Tomato Chutney 1. Finish the sentence: Store in a ____ _____ place. A. cool, dark B. cool, dry C. hot, cold 2. Is the chutney suitable for vegans? A. Yes B. No 3. How many grams are in the jar? A. 200g B. 300g C. 400g 4. What flavour is the chutney? A. Tomato B. Apple C. Pear

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8 July 2019

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