Renting a flat

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CLIENT: Is there central heating?ESTATE AGENT: Yes, there are plenty of radiators.CLIENT: Is it furnished?ESTATE AGENT: No, it’s unfurnished.CLIENT: Is there a coat stand?ESTATE AGENT: No, but there are coat hooks.CLIENT: How much is the rent?ESTATE AGENT: It costs £850 a month plus a £500 deposit. You get that back when you leave.CLIENT: Does that include bills?ESTATE AGENT: No, it doesn’t. Gas, electricity, water, council tax and internet are extra. You pay for the landline, too.CLIENT: What about a TV license?ESTATE AGENT: There’s no TV so, if you want one, you have to purchase a TV license and any other services you want, like Sky TV.CLIENT: Is there a dining room?ESTATE AGENT: Yes, it’s medium-sized.CLIENT: OK. Thanks for your help. MAKING A DECISION Yes, I’ll take it. When can I sign the contract?Yes, I’d like to rent the flat.I’ll think about it. I’ll be in touch in the next few days.Can I think about it? I need to discuss it with my wife.It’s a bit pricey for me. Would it be possible to reduce the rent?Sorry, I’m not interested. MORE PHRASES I don’t know how many bathrooms there are. I didn’t ask if there was a shower.There’s no garage. You need to park on the street.The flat only has one armchair.Wooden floors are so noisy! I prefer carpet.It’s much smaller than I was expecting.There is double glazing, so fuel bills will be lower.The ceilings are quite high, so it will be hard to heat.The flat's on the fourth floor, but there is a lift.It's a ground floor flat with an intercom system.

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1 August 2013

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag United Kingdom

Protip: Ask your landlord to fit a carbon monoxide detector. Remember the annoying beeping is meant to alert you to toxic gas.

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