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TIP: To produce this sound, open your mouth wide, lower your jaw, and put the back of your tongue down.

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Ex.1 Read these words aloud stressing the  /æ/ sound:   The old lady sat down. The little boy was sad. Andy was very mad. She had a black dress. Look at that fast rabbit! Where is your hat?   Ex.2 Practice pronunciation by reading this text : Paul was walking through the woods quite  fast, trying to find some animals to photograph. He stopped, drank some water, and then carried on. After a while he started getting tired, so he decided to head back when he came across a trap set by hunters. He sat down and tried to break it so the animals could stay safe. The trap made him very mad. Finally, he managed to break it, but he hurt his  ankle. Still, he was very happy to know that all the wild cats, rabbits, and others would be safe.   Ex.3 Find /æ/ sound in these words: electric black friend happy restaurant angry pack message bread partner hand shape

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14 September 2022

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