Your Wonderful Vocabulary Test 3

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Mark the letter which best follows the sentences below:

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a) I'm quite sure he's dishonest. b) I'm sure he's quite dishonest.     c) I never knew you were married. d) I knew you were never married. e) We all realise he's obviously not well. f) Oviously we all realise he's not well. g) I don't think the president is speaking honestly. h) I honestly don't think the president is speaking. i) Very sensibly, they discussed their relationship before deciding. j) They discussed their relationship very sensibly before deciding.   Most politicians are. No-one normal behaves that way. That's because I hadn't met you. There's a lot you don't know about me. We're not blind. Someone must have misinformed you. They never do anything emotionally. That's nothing new. He seldom tells the truth. It was the mature and adult thing to do. I have no doubts about that at all.    

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22 January 2017

Sleepygnat Author Country Flag Switzerland

Select different possible interpretations according to the position of the adverb

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