British Culture: Fun facts on St George's Day

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St. George's Day is on 23 April. Make a question to ask your partner for the missing information by writing down the missing QUESTION WORD e.g. for '___ is St. George's Day?' you ask 'WHEN is St. George's Day?' then write down their answer e.g. '23 April'. Don't read your partner's sheet, just listen!

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____ two colours are in the English flag? ____ is St. George famous for? ____ was St. George born? ____ was his job? ____ is William Shakespeare's birthday? ____ countries have St. George as patron saint? ___ were his parents? ____ play by William Shakespeare mentions St. George? ____ did people first celebrate the Day in England? ___ do people celebrate in London?

Red and white Fighting and killing a dragon to save a princess Around 280AD A Roman soldier working for the Emperor 23 April

England, Armenia, Greece & many other countries Roman Christians from Greece Henry V The 13th century Jousting, drinking ale and waving flags

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20 April 2017

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag

Some pre-teaching of vocabulary required e.g. dragon, patron saint, Roman Emperor, jousting ale and briefing on Shakespeare

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