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St. George's Day is on 23 April. Make a question to ask your partner for the missing information by writing down the missing QUESTION WORD e.g. for '___ is St. George's Day?' you ask 'WHEN is St. George's Day?' then write down their answer e.g. '23 April'. Don't read your partner's sheet, just listen!

This worksheet generator makes a set of 2 worksheets. Enter up to 10 information gap data sets below. One piece of information will be common to both worksheets, and the other piece will only be printed on either Worksheet A or Worksheet B. This missing information creates the information gap that students must communicate to overcome.

1. The Information Gap:

Answer (only known by Person A)
Answer (only known by Person B)

2. Information Position:

Prevents students cheating by glancing at partner's worksheet!

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British Culture: Fun facts on St George's Day

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20 April 2017

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag United Kingdom

Some pre-teaching of vocabulary required e.g. dragon, patron saint, Roman Emperor, jousting ale and briefing on Shakespeare

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