Tokyo Train Times

Information Gap Worksheet

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Bullet train to Osaka Local train to Yokohama Narita Airport Express Express train to Shinjuku Bullet train to Niigata Rapid Express to Hakone Express train to Chiba Local train to Shinagawa Bullet train to Nagano Local train to Akihabara

8:20am from Platform 1. 8:22am from Platform 4. 8:26am from Platform 5. 8:27am from Platform 3. 8:29am from Platform 2.

8:30am from Platform 4. 8:31am from Platform 6. 8:34am from Platform 3. 8:38am from Platform 1. 8:41am from Platform 5.

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12 December 2011

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Information Gap Exercise where students find out the departure times and platforms for 10 different trains leaving Tokyo Station.

Target language is: "What time is the ...... train to .....?"
"It departs at x:xx from platform x."

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