Present and Past Tense

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Speak and Read and Write!

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Match the present tense verb with its past tense verb.
walk → walked, cook → cooked, clean → cleaned, am → was, look → looked
Match the pairs below:
read → read, see → saw, have → had, is → was, ride → rode
Match the pairs below:
dance → danced, write → wrote, listen → listened, call → called, speak → spoke
Match the pairs below:
go → went, are → were, wear → wore, eat → ate, sleep → slept
Fill the blanks below:
My children are big. Last year they _were_ small. Today they _go_ to college. Last year they went to high school. Now they _eat_ a lot of food! In 2015 they _ate_ only a little. I _loved_ my children when they _were_ small and I _love_ them today.
Fill the blanks below:
I _drink_ coffee every morning. Last year I _felt_ so sick. Coffee _did_ not taste good. So I _drank_ tea for many months. I _liked_ tea then. I _feel_ good now! Now I _have_ coffee in the morning and the afternoon. I _love_ coffee. But coffee does not love me! I _slept_ well last year when I drank tea. Now I cannot sleep well. I _am_ so tired! I _called_ my doctor yesterday. He _said,_ "No more coffee!"

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19 February 2021

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ESL Level 1 Simple Present and Past Matching

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