Present or present continuous?

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Choose the correct words

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1. What are you doing? I _______ TV.
am watching
2. Every Friday they ___ to Costco.
3. He ____ a taxi every weekend.
4. She ___ reading a book right now.
is reading
5. Please be quiet now. The baby ___
is sleeping
6. I like to ___ in the park every morning.
7. My children ___ the dishes every evening.
8. They ___ the bus to school every morning.
9. What's John doing? He _____ his bedroom.
is cleaning
10. It ___ right now. Take an umbrella.
is raining
11. We ____ tea in the evenings.
12. She ______ breakfast at 7:30 every morning.
13. They __ pizza every Friday night.
14. I can't talk now. I _____
am cooking
15. He _____ to work at 8:00 every morning.

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