Old Yeller ch. 6-10

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What was the gobbler doing that was destructive to the family's crops? Why were Travis and his mom puzzled when old Yeller wouldn't eat any of the turkey meat? Why didn't the men take Bud Searcy along with the on the cattle run? Why did Travis and Old Yeller have to stand guard in the fields at night? Why was Spot such a valuable animal for Travis's family? What advice did Burn Sanderson give to Travis about hydrophobia? Why was Travis so eager to check out the hogs who were reported down by the bat cave? What is hydrophobia? How many hogs did Travis conclude the family owned? One of the hogs slashed Travis on the

eating the pea pods digging up the corn chasing rats throught the fields They hadn't seen Old Yeller eat anything but he was gaining weight. He normally always ate the turkeys they caught. They caught the turkey just for him. He tooked too long to do anything because he talked too much. Because he didn't have a horse to ride. Because he didn't have any cattle to sell. To protect the crops from the varmint. To water the corn. To keep mom from finding their club house. She gave a lot of milk. She could pull the buggy. She plowed the fields really good. Shoot any animal that acts unnatural. Just keep practicing and he would learn to swim soon. To tie the animals to a tree. He wanted to check out the bat cave. He wanted to go swimming. He wanted to take his brother hunting. rabies fear of water fear of dogs 46 24 98 leg arm back

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22 March 2013

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