Charlotte's Web Chapters 10-12

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What does gullible mean? It means easy to fool Why were the mothers in the neighborhood worried about the Zuckerman's swing? They were afraid some child would get hurt because it was just a rope with a knot at the end hanging from the barn loft. What happened when Avery was going to knock down Charlotte's Web? Avery fell and landed on Wilburs trough and broke the dud egg. Why did Wilbur leave extra food for Templeton? Because he remembered that Templeton had been useful in saving Charlotte's life by keeping the dud egg. What did Lurvy do when he saw the web? He dropped to his knees and prayed then went back to the house to get Zuckerman. Why did Mr. Zuckerman get all dressed up? He was going to the Ministers house to tell him about the miracle. In what way did life at the farm become very changed as a result of the spider web's message? Lots of people came to see Wilbur and the Web, Mr. Zuckerman was busy with the visitors and forgot about his farm chores and he wore his good clothes all the time. What did Mrs. Zuckerman think about the sign? She thought that what they had was no ordinary spider. How did the animals convince Templeton to help with the new message? They reminded him that without Wilbur he wouldnt get food and he would starve and die. How did Charlotte feel about Wilbur? She cares about him alot because he is her best friend. She thinks he is sensational. Bonus: 5 pts What were 2 of the suggestions for names? Pig Supreme: terrific, terrific, terrific

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5 April 2013

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