Old Yeller Ch. 1-5 Test

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How did Old Yeller’s name have a double meaning? His short hair was a dingy yellow. His bark sounded like a yell. Why were Travis’s dad and the other men leaving for Abilene, Kansas? To sell cows for "cash money". Travis’s mother demonstrates in two ways in this chapter that she respects his new position in the family. Describe one way in which she showed this. She didn't scold him for disciplining his brother. She held dinner for him. Describe how Bell was killed. Nuzzled a dead rattlers head and got bit. What was remarkable about the way that Travis killed the deer? The deer was running when he shot it. When Travis returned from deer hunting what did he find his brother doing? How did Travis react to this? He was playing in the drinking water. Travis threw rocks at the dog.

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15 March 2013

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