Old Yeller ch. 6-10 short answer test

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What 2 startling pieces of news did Lisbeth tell Travis about Old Yeller? Old Yeller was steeling food from the farmers, Lisbeths dog was having puppies and Old Yeller was the dad What 3 strategies did Travis use to try to keep Old Yeller from wondering? tied him up, put him in the corncrib, let him sleep in the room with him and little Arlis What strategy finally worked? Letting him sleep with him and little Arliss. What 2 animals gave Travis the most trouble and why? boar coon because it was a good fighter, skunk because it sparyed old Yeller Describe what happened that put Travis's life in danger. The sand bank colapsed and Travis fell in the middle of the wild hogs. How did Old Yeller react to this situation? Old Yeller rushed to rescue Travis Why plan did Travis have for trying to save old Yeller? He would return to his mother so she could help him save Old Yeller.

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