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Who is the friendliest person in this class? What is a Japanese radish? Did you play sports in Junior High School? Are you neat or messy? Are you stubborn or easygoing? Are you shy or outgoing? What IS your boss like? What DOES your mother like? Name 7 fruits. Name 7 vegetables. Name 7 things in an office. What color looks good on you? What is your favorite convenience store? What is spinach? Who is wearing a green sweater today? Do you have a pet? What is its name? What is your favorite thing in Ikuei Tandai? Do you have brothers and sisters? I have......... What kind of clothes do you like? What is your most expensive piece of clothing? What is your favorite breakfast? What gives you good luck? What is your favorite month? What did you have for breakfast today? What is a Chinese cabbage? ? Is there lipstick in your bag? How much is an electronic dictionary? What is a Flashdrive? Do you wear sunglasses? Who is wearing a green sweater today? What does FILL OUT THIS CARD mean? Whats your lucky number? Name someone famous from your hometown. Name five words starting with S. What is your mothers first name? Say 13 and 30 in English. Are you healthy? Name one healthy food. Are you hardworking or lazy? What kind of car do you have? What does your father like to do? What are you wearing today? What is a Persimmon?

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17 January 2016

kathleenume Author Country Flag Japan

Questions that can be used for a Board Game. Junior College, High school

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