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Level: Elementary.

Skills: Reading, Writing, Listening.

Target Language: Vocabulary.

Activity Goal: Give students listening practice of newly learnt vocabulary.

Summary: This vocabulary worksheet generator creates either blank or pre-filled bingo grids.

Example Usage:

  1. Distribute bingo grids.
  2. If you are using blank grids with no word list, students must listen to you speak, and write each word in any of the boxes they wish.
  3. If you are using blank grids with a word list, students must copy the words from the word list onto the grid in any position they wish.
  4. If you are using pre-filled grids, the above steps can be skipped.
  5. You read random words from the word list, while students mark off the box where that word appears.
  6. The first student to mark off boxes either vertically, horizontally or diagonally from one side of the grid to the other wins.

Notes and Ideas:

  • Games are generally shorter with large groups than with small groups.
  • To make the game last longer, have a word list with more words than there are boxes.
  • You can also extend games by requiring that 2 rows are completed before calling BINGO.
  • If the game is taking too long, give students a free turn, where they can mark off any box they wish.
  • If students have a common language other than English, you can call the words in that language, so that they must translate the words before being able to check them off.
  • Have the winning student list his or her words while you check they are correct.
  • Instead of reading words from the list, use them in a sentence and have the student spot the right words and check them off.
  • You can use the same grid for multiple games. Simply ask the students to change the colour of their pen between each round.
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