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Sort into Categories Worksheet Maker

activity information

Level: Any.

Skills: Reading, Writing.

Target Language: Grammar, any subject matter or taught concept for non-ESL uses.

Activity Goal: Test student ability to categorise words appropriately to check comprehension of a taught principle.

Summary: This worksheet maker creates a worksheet with 2, 3 or 4 columns, each with a category heading. Students must sort words into the appropriate category or categories.

Example Usage:

  1. Distribute worksheets.
  2. Students work individually or in pairs to sort words into appropriate categories.
  3. Students think of 3 other words to add to each category.

Notes and Ideas:

  • Use to check grammar comprehension. Examples include: countable and uncountable nouns, noun / verbs / adjectives, prepositions of place etc.
  • Use to sort objects by location. e.g. Items inside the house, inside the office, in the yard.
  • Use to test subject concepts such as: solid, liquid, gas; continent, country, state; animal, vegetable, mineral; foods, drink, meals.
  • As an extension, once students are finished they can add their own words to each category.
  • As a speaking / listening exercise students can test themselves in pairs, taking turns to ask their partner which category a word belongs to.
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