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Crossword Maker

activity information

Level: Any.

Skills: Reading, Writing.

Target Language: Vocabulary.

Activity Goal: Improve memorisation and spelling of target vocabulary, or reinforce links between words and sentences.

Summary: This vocabulary worksheet generator creates a crossword from the words and clues you provide. Students use the clues to guess the corresponding word and write it in the boxes. This worksheet is good for practicing new words or revising old ones.

Example Usage:

  1. Distribute worksheets.
  2. Students work individually to complete the exercise.

Notes and Ideas:

  • Grammatical clues. (e.g. "The infinitive of sung." "The superlative of good.")
  • Definition-based clues. (e.g. "The day after today.")
  • Translation-based clues.
  • If faster students finish early, ask them to design their own crossword. Get them to use a dictionary to make up definition-based clues for their words.
  • Tips to ensure crosswords fit on one page: Set picture to "no image" and reduce the text size (both under Output Options: Worksheet Formatting). Switch off "Show a Word Bank" under Answer Hints. Reduce the length of your clues or the number of words in your crossword. Choose A4 paper aspect rather than US Letter.
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