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Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet Maker

activity information

Level: Intermediate +

Skills: Reading, Writing, Listening.

Target Language: Vocabulary, Grammar, verb tenses, active / passive voice, articles, etc.

Activity Goal: Test student ability to select words according to context. Can also be used as a listening exercise to test student listening ability.

Summary: This worksheet maker creates fill-in-the-blank sentences. Each blank can optionally be followed by a list of inline multiple-choice answers.

Example: I had time for a _______ [quick / quickly] cup of coffee.

You can select which word is removed, and what distractor (red herring) answers, if any, are presented for each sentence. Students must complete the blanks with the correct words as determined by the context.

Example Usage:

  1. Distribute worksheets containing sentences with adjectives and adverbs removed.
  2. Students choose either the adverb or adjective according to the context and fill in the blanks.
  3. For quick feedback, students check answers with their peers in groups of 3 or more.

Notes and Ideas:

  • Use as an easy listening exercise. Students complete the blanks after hearing a dialogue or listening to the lyrics of a song. (If you don't want to offer local alternatives for each sentence, use the Fill-in-the-Blanks Passage (Cloze Test) Worksheet maker instead.)
  • Use to test grammatical constructions such as verb collocations, pronouns, articles, tenses, prepositions of place, comparatives and superlatives. Students select according to context and the rules of grammar.
  • Use riddles to check student understanding of the meaning of vocabulary: e.g. "This is a car that anyone can use. In New York it is yellow. It's a ________.
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