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activity information

Level: Any.

Skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking.

Target Language: Vocabulary.

Activity Goal: Memorise new vocabulary. Learn spelling.

Summary: This fast large flashcard maker quickly creates a set of flashcards from the target language that you enter. You can choose to print either one or three flashcards per page. The size of the text is automatically scaled to fit your content nicely onto each card.

Example Usage:

  1. Print directly to large paper (such as A3) or print to A4 / Letter and then copy to large card using a photocopier.
  2. If you printed three per page, cut along the guidelines using a paper cutter.
  3. Drill new vocabulary using "listen and repeat" method.
  4. Pick 2 or 3 students after each drill to say the word on the flashcard by themselves so that you can check pronunciation.

Notes and Ideas:

  • If students share a common first language, have them translate the word to their language and tell you the answer.
  • To aid reproduction of the target language you can also do the opposite: Make another set of cards with the words in the students’ common language and have them translate in their heads and speak the target language when you show each card.
  • Use these as part of a kinetic learning exercise. Print sentence fragments on the cards and stick them on walls around the classroom. Students must find each card, memorise its content, return to their desk, and then write down what they have memorised. Once they have written all sentence fragments they must then rearrange them into the correct order.
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