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Matching Triples Worksheet Maker

activity information

Level: Any.

Skills: Reading.

Target Language: Any sets of three things.

Activity Goal: Improve memorisation of the link between items in the set.

Summary: This worksheet generator creates either a set of cut out cards, or a draw-a-line spaghetti worksheet for words or phrasal triples.

Example Usage:

  1. Distribute worksheets / sets of cut-out cards.
  2. Students work in pairs to match the items on the worksheet or the cards.
  3. Teacher circulates around the room providing help and checking student answers.

Notes and Ideas:

  • Extend with a writing exercise where students choose 2 sets and write 4 sentences using them.
  • Repeat the exercise to reinforce, with a slight variation to maintain student interest. For example, if using small cards, the cards can be shuffled after successful completion and students can work in pairs to re-match and glue cards down on a separate sheet of paper.
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