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Sentence Scramble Worksheet Maker

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Level: Intermediate +

Skills: Reading, Writing.

Target Language: Sentences.

Activity Goal: Check understanding of gramatical rules related to sentence structure.

Summary: This grammar worksheet generator automatically jumbles the order of the words in up to 10 sentences and generates a worksheet with answer spaces for the correct order of each sentence. You can choose difficulty options such as whether or not to display gaps that indicate the length of the correct word.

Example Usage:

  1. Distribute worksheets.
  2. Show worked example on blackboard.
  3. Students work either individually or in pairs to order the words of each sentence in the correct order.

Notes and Ideas:

  • For speaking practice, pick students to read their answers to the group.
  • Use underscores to force the generator to keep sets of words together. For example, entering "New_York" will avoid New and York being treated as separate words and split up. This is also useful for phrasal verbs such as buckle_up.
  • Remember: In many languages, for many sentences, more than one order of words is correct. Don't peanalise students who have a word order that doesn't exactly match your answer sheet yet is gramatically correct.
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