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Small Cards Maker

activity information

Level: Any.

Skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking.

Target Language: Words, sentences, pictures.

Activity Goal: Facilitate conversation, aid memorisation of vocabulary.

Summary: This small cutout cards maker quickly creates a set of either unique or identical small cards from the target language that you enter. Activities you can do using small cards are endless!

Example Usage:

  1. Example: Card collecting game. Prepare cards with the names of 40 different countries.
  2. Print enough sheets so that you have 5 cards for each student in your class. Duplicates cards are fine.
  3. Give each student 5 cards to start with.
  4. Students mingle, speak to each other, and get 3 chances to guess the name of a country that their classmate holds.
  5. If they guess correctly they get to take that card from their classmate. (They are not allowed to claim it back from the same person by "guessing" it again!)
  6. The winner is the student with the most cards after 5 minutes of play.

Notes and Ideas:

  • Linear Sorting Exercise (lines of degree) - Students must arrange the cards in order from least to greatest. e.g. Adverbs of Frequency: Never, rarely, sometimes, often, usually, always.
  • Quiz Cards - Teacher starts class with a general quiz using questions on cards. Students get to keep the cards when they answer questions correctly. The student with the most cards at the end of the quiz is the winner.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles - Put a different question on each card. Print the cards on the back of a picture, and cut it up. Students work in groups. The cards should be with one group of students, and the other group has to get the cards by answering the questions correctly. When the second group gets the cards, they turn them over and try to make the picture by putting the cards back together.
  • The size of text is automatically scaled to fit your content.
  • You can print two sheets back-to-back to make double sided flashcards for personal study.
  • Use in landscape mode to create small bold flashcards for words.
  • You can make matching pairs with pictures and words and use them for a game of "Memory".
  • We also have Matching Pairs and Matching Triples card makers.
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