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Spelling Test Maker

activity information

Level: Any

Skills: Reading, Writing.

Target Language: Spelling of vocabulary items.

Activity Goal: Check ability to correctly spell the target language.

Summary: This spelling worksheet maker automatically creates a worksheet with 4 spellings of each word you enter, only 1 of which is correct. This worksheet maker is designed for English words and will intelligently produce convincing yet incorrect spellings for each word entered.

Example Usage:

  1. Distribute worksheets.
  2. Students work individually (as a test) and the teacher collects completed worksheets for marking and feedback.

Notes and Ideas:

  • Long words produce more convincing results than short words.
  • Sometimes dictation spelling tests are impractical because they require the whole class to be simultaneously undertaking the test. Spelling test worksheets like this one, however, allow students to work at their own pace and facilitate various activities being undertaken in the same classroom at the same time.
  • You have two options for answer format: Answer blanks for students to write the answers, or "circle the correct answer" from the four alternatives. Answer blanks are good at reinforcing spelling (assuming the student's answer is correct) but "circle the answer" worksheets are much quicker and easier for the teacher to mark.
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