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ANTONYMS Worksheets

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Instructions: Directions:  Read the clues.  Write the answers in the crossword puzzle.

Target Language: cloudy opposite of clear sky over opposite of under in opposite of out down opposite ...


2 October 2018

Lisa12204 Author Country Flag United States of America

Crossword: opposite vocabulary

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Adjective Opposites

Target Language: Delicious Yucky Expensive Cheap Black White Antique New Tall Short Woollen Cotton Luxury Ordinary Outdoor Indoor Wise Silly Pretty Ugly Older Younger Fat Thin


14 January 2012

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

match the adjectives with their opposites

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Opposites Attract

Target Language: hot cold old young many few large small dark light open shut rise fall heavy light thick thin fast slow push pull soft hard


4 January 2011

Quickworksheets Author Country Flag Australia

Matching pair cutout cards for a range of basic adjectives of opposite meanings.

Examples are hot / cold, heavy / light, old / young, push / pull.

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