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NEGATIVES Worksheets

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Prefix: Un

Target Language: unarmed unbolt unknown untidy unhealthy unkind unavailable undecided unstoppable unaffordable unnoticed uncanny


21 November 2017

srandall Author Country Flag United Kingdom

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ESL: Negative Prefixes

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Instructions: Create negative versions of the adjectives on the right by linking them with the correct negative prefix on the left.

Target Language: in separable dis honest in formal un fair ...


5 March 2015

Quickworksheets Author Country Flag Australia

ESL worksheet to practice the correct use of negative prefixes such as un- il- im- in- etc.

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Target Language: 1.  The bank opens at 7 a.m. every day.2.  She buys stamps at the post office.3.  He likes to shop at the supermarket.4.  My mother went to the doctor last week.5....


20 October 2012

amstnaley Author Country Flag United States of America

Negation Practice - 18 Sentences to negate, and 5 Line Final Writing Exercise

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