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Target Language: Wireless AC or DC Engineer Fluorescent Induction Motor Inventor Laser Neon Lamp Notable Radio Remote Control Death beam Scientist Tesla Coil X-Rays Edison ...


6 November 2019

kellysoares Author Country Flag United States of America

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van der Graaf Generator

Target Language: The Van De Graaff Generator is basically an electrostatic machine that can generate high voltages. A typical Van De Graaff Generator consists of an insulating belt that transports ...


11 March 2016

CathL Author Country Flag Australia

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[untitled worksheet]

Target Language: energy Is the ability to do work chemical The energy in food and fuel and cells, energy stored in chemical bonds kinetic energy Energy of motion gravitational potential energy ...


7 February 2016

aridge Author Country Flag Australia

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Tic-Tac-Toe Wordsearch

Target Language: friction circuit electron insulator conductor current complete parallel resistance series charge voltmeter


8 November 2015

kateljohnson Author Country Flag Czech Republic

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Week 4

Target Language: voltage energy conductor insulator electrode multicultural traditional landscape personality geograhy confuse introduce refuse use conclude elude


13 August 2012

jbayley Author Country Flag Australia


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