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IRELAND Worksheets

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st. Patrick' s Day

Target Language: green beer Patrick whiskey ireland green religious in march monsters football ice hocke celebration

Write sentences using words from above:


12 March 2019

Majcia Author Country Flag Poland

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Speaking: St Patrick's Day

Instructions: Read the questions below. Some have answers, which you will READ OUT to your partner. Take turns ASKING your partner the other questions. Write down the answer from your partner. No ...


17 March 2017

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag United Kingdom

For pre-int + EFL ESL

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St. Patrick's Day

Instructions: Circle the correctly spelled word.  Write the translation on the line.

Target Language: Irish Ireland shamrocks leaves luck priest Christianity parade river huge wear...


2 November 2016

gringa999 Author Country Flag United States of America

All About the USA 1 Unit 11

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