The Dentist

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This morning I had to go to the dentist because I had a bad toothache. First he put a bid over my clothes so they wouldn't get splashed and dirty. Then I had to wear a pair of protective sunglasses. When he had adjusted the chair and turned on the bright light, he started looking around my mouth. Sometimes he asked me a question, and when I answered it was just a mumble. Then he told me that I had a decayed tooth and he would have to put in a filling. First he gave me a sharp injection to numb my gum and tooth. When it was numb, he started drilling to get all the decay out of my tooth. Eventually, he put the filling in and explained that I shouldn't eat anything for a few hours. It was good to have no pain and I was glad I had a big breakfast.

because bad First protective adjusted bright and decayed and sharp and few big

Write about a time you went for a medical appointment

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9 May 2013

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154 word recount cloze exercise about a trip to the dentist. Has a focus on placing conjunctions.

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