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THE DENTIST Worksheets

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All About Teeth

Target Language: teeth molars canines incisors chew grind tear mouth digest saliva decay floss


19 October 2020

Viviene Author Country Flag Jamaica

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Going to the dentist

Instructions: Match the words to the picture.

Target Language: Walk to the dentist. Go to the reception desk. Sit in the waiting room. Go to the dentist's room. Sit in the dentist's chair. The...


16 June 2019

dvincent Author Country Flag United Kingdom

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The Dentist

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Target Language: This morning I had to go to the dentist because I had a bad toothache. First he put a bid over my clothes so they wouldn't get splashed and dirty. Then I had to wear a pair of ...


9 May 2013

gramarye Author Country Flag Australia

154 word recount cloze exercise about a trip to the dentist. Has a focus on placing conjunctions.

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